Monday, August 23, 2010


The sun down under strikes me cruelly,
Each golden spear from the heavenly sphere
Pierces dark skin and white bone,
Like Longivas. Fill me with fear
As I burn, more black than brown.
The sound of hope rumbles closer.
Cloudy blue waving back and forth:
Drawing and dragging color,
Mixing and making sand and stone,
Breaking and making reflections.
I exhale.

Warm breath mixes
With warmer air; its place uncertain.
The sweet calm exudes the cool
Touch of salvation. Deceptive.
The shaded depths swallow whole.
I will not float, but lose,
Misplace and waste myself in the turnings and twisting
Unseen below the surface.
But to taste the moist kiss upon my skin!
The violet surge splashes horror on my face.
Stasis. Stillness. Stagnant. Stop.
I inhale.

My unbidden choice.
Tempt terror for a taste.
Warm, I drift,
Lost in its supremacy.

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