Saturday, April 23, 2011

Totem Song

Will you leave me, you, the one?
You who tore down my faces and found
The totem, deep inside- The many-headed snake?
In India, he bound the heaven and earth,
And built the fire upon the sea,
For his master, his love,
Like your love that brought my high brow down
To your sweet woody earth, and I drank
The sweet waters of those rivers.
You the one, who I turned to when I feared,
When I love, when I saw the crimson fire lash out
To lay me down, out of my past to haunt me deep into the waters
We had bridges; but together, we swam like two dolphins under the ocean,
Fearing no sharks, all laid bare to our senses,
Each other to our sensitivities.
And I breathed into you as you breathed into me,
All the breath we shared was all the breath,
Finite in molecules. Us.

For Her

Your hand enfolds mine,
Heat transfers quickly between us,
Melts away my fears and our boundaries,
Back and forth.
We are one, no different.
We are the confluence of heaven and earth,
Red twilight setting over an endless ocean.

I press your face to my chest,
My heart beats after yours desperately,
Longingly. Inevitable like starlight
Twinkling that night we stood outside,
And nature was ours.
Dew collected on blades of grass,
Your eyes shone like the moon.

You kiss my lips slowly and surely,
Time speeds up, slows down, and stops.
I have no breath and no words.
You smell like the freedom of open sky,
Remind me of innocence spent climbing trees,
Reaching for the ripest fruit, the best of all.
I’ve found you.