Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Response to Rumi

I ask you to identify me,
To stabilize my existence in this shaky world,
The wave that carries me as I lose myself in the ocean.
You must know.

You are here.
What are you seeking?
We should look for that beyond what we once were,
Faceless, a pure light,
Like a free bird.
We fly now straight to nowhere.

The body imprisons us, a cage.
Come now,
Before you are seduced by love.

Med School Application (I)

Shall I say that I have climbed Mt. Everest and found a drug to end all drugs?

No, but lies are not a physician's trade. I want to master that which is known unwavering, the anatomy, the physiology, blood, bile.

Then, shall I say I am a leader of leaders, shaping houses with my bare hands, wiping tears away with my smile and tests with my concentration?

No, but the truth should not be twisted. I want to ask the perfect question, contemplate the right dose, the saline line, diamond-tipped needle.

I must say I am but a boy in a world of beasts, just a pair of eyes with a gleam, perhaps fingers that are nimble; I cannot say I am scared of the future.

I am scared of the future.