Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poem and Personal Essay

So, my two new posts are a poem and a personal essay. "Ghazal" is a poem in the style of the same name; it doesn't seem very complicated. I hope its simplicity is pleasing. "Bearing Witness: A PreMed's Perspective" is a personal essay about my experience at a writer's conference for medical students, which was taught by physician-poets. Even though the two posts may seem unrelated, I think that both attempt to find something profound in the universal.


  1. I learned about ghazals in freshman Indian poetry class! It was soo awesome and I loved my professor :P Was your poem really in the style of a ghazal? Hmm I guess I have to re-read it then.

  2. yep, this was a ghazal; the basic form requires repetition of the single word on the last line of each couplet. name on the second to last line (or name part), and also the first two lines must rhyme. i like it. =)