Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Final Separation (1)

This is my response to her poem, about us- that us which has become I and, unconnected and ever more distant, she.

I do not and did not and might not ever
Believe in fore-sight, defined:
Prediction of predilection, satisfaction in knowing the future.
You could have been the girl, right here—
Who was I to presume,
Who were you to assume?
Just know the following fact:
I have counted;
Your place was significantly greater than last.

All I never asked for:
Your patience and patency,
Trust and tranquility,
Confidence and cooperation.
Love might have made it work,
If only you knew, not that I did,
That love should go beyond us,
Self-less, take-less, care-less,

I can’t say I didn’t miss you, sometimes don’t miss you, but we are destined for distance.

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